Since establishment, Tribosafe Engineering Pte Ltd has the vision to distribute and promote high quality lubricants at justifiable prices to industrial uses in Singapore.

Our company aims to introduce environmentally friendly lubrication products where ever possible that either saves Energy or promote a cleaner environment in various industrial applications, thereby reducing pollution to the atmosphere and hence the air we constantly breathe in.

Tribosafe Engineering Pte Ltd offers both biodegradable lubricants and Energy saving lubricants that are proven indispensable when it comes to health and environmental safety.

With our elaborate understanding and experience in industrial and domestic requirements, we provide the most suitable lubrication products that every application demand, while satisfying our customers with excellent products and services.

At Tribosafe Engineering Pte Ltd, we have dependable staff that stand ready to provide accurate solutions to various sales and technical concerns.  In addition, even as the market has abundant competition in lubricant trading, we aim to inject excellence and become the leader creating real value added in terms of lubricant efficiency and reliability.